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Our Approach

Marketing expertise at your service.

Deliver Media was born with an entrepreneurial spirit, and that spirit fuels everything we do — from the staff we hire to our passion for helping customers like you. We understand your aspirations, as well as the challenges you’re likely to encounter on the way to reaching them.

Our team is here to help you in navigating your way to success. Upon working with Deliver Media, we will assign you to your own personal Business Marketing Specialist. Our Marketing Specialists will consult with you on the best way to achieve your objectives using our proven suite of custom marketing solutions, designed to boost store traffic and drive revenue.

Plan & Strategize

  • Define your objective
  • Develop a strategy
  • Build a marketing plan

The first thing your Business Marketing Specialist will do will be to help you define your company’s specific objectives and then work with you to build a basic strategy for how you’re going to achieve them. Once you have outlined your objectives and your strategy, your Business Marketing Specialist will layer it on top of a specific time table so that you have a quarterly or annual marketing plan in place.

Campaign Development

  • Targeted mailing list selection
  • Develop your creative materials
  • Promotional materials

Depending on your objectives, your Business Marketing Specialist will help you determine what customers you want to target in your campaign. After that, your Business Marketing Specialist will assist in the development of high-impact promotional materials to ensure that your campaign achieves optimum results. Our fully-staffed department of professional designers will handle all aspects of your marketing campaign in-house — from start to finish.

Monitor & Analyze

  • Monitor your campaign
  • Analyze your results
  • Adapt as needed

While you’re busy running your business, your Business Marketing Specialist will monitor your campaign. As the results come in, your Business Marketing Specialist will compare them against industry averages, past campaign performance and, when the data is available, individual store results versus network-wide averages. If the plan needs to be adapted, your Business Marketing Specialist will be there to help you maneuver to keep you on course to meet your goals.

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