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Social Media Marketing

Real-Time, Relationship-Building Branding and Marketing

Introducing Deliver Media‘s unique, one-of-a-kind Social Media Management Tool


Ideal for franchise and multi-unit business owners, ifSocial makes posting to multiple location social media profiles a breeze! One message, one click, multiple locations: ifSocial’s custom-built randomization and localization tools takes one message and customizes it for each separate location profile.

See for yourself:

Social Media Marketing cannot be underestimated in today’s society, with the evolvement and increasing use of technology and handheld devices. Social Media Marketing is an extremely cost effective and efficient way to connect with your customers, increase brand awareness, and define company culture.

Deliver Media’s Social Media Marketing services are customized and designed to fit your marketing budget and goals. Each social media package includes the setup, optimization, and management of social channels, a social media kick-off campaign, custom direct response post, and custom branding posts. We also schedule your posts to go out at times with a high chance of follower engagement to achieve maximum visibility.

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