Bay Area Pool Service


With 32 locations in operation, as well as 2 new markets opening in 2016-2017 under a new brand “Pool Troopers”, Bay Area Pool Service needed a partner that could help increase their already-significant market penetration in Florida under Bay Area Pools, while launching a brand new company in new markets with a new website. With a service area covering 250,000 pools in Florida, Texas, and Arizona, the opportunity for growth was tremendous. The challenge was to leverage current customer information to find the right prospects, deliver a relevant message, and communicate why Bay Area Pools and Pool Troopers would give them the freedom to enjoy their pool without the stress of maintenance.


Deliver Media analyzed transactional customer data and developed a predictive prospecting model to identify look-alike prospects who would be the best candidates for Pool Trooper’s services. We launched an omni-channel campaign to target this audience with direct mail, Facebook ads, display, and paid search. Over 700 demographic and psychographic traits were considered to select the audience and deliver relevant messaging. A second model for responders was used to improve audience selection based on results and every campaign was analyzed twice per month to ensure consistent growth. Local SEO campaigns were launched to win the battle for organic search volume.


The goal of 5,000 marketing responses was set for 2017, representing a 24% increase over 2016. Through July of 2017, Deliver Media has produced a 60% increase in responses including a record month in May. Positioning in organic search rankings has improved in virtually all markets, with many ranking first on Google for the competitive “pool service” search phrase. The growth in the most competitive market has been exponential, at times almost outpacing operational capacity. Through constant innovation and data analytics, our service offering continues to evolve as we discover new ways to communicate with potential customers. Best of all, thousands more pool owners are enjoying the freedom that they deserve this year.

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