As one of the leading engagement agencies, Ansira works with many partners to manage specific services for their clients. In 2007, Ansira was searching for a direct mail partner who could deliver postcards and tri-folds on an exact day, not the typical 3-5 day window that is standard in the industry. The partner had to be cost-effective and flexible enough to execute high volume monthly campaigns, along with smaller and more frequent trigger-based mailings.


Deliver Media crafted numerous manufacturing solutions tailored to the specific needs of each campaign. Using a unique fulfillment process called DDU Entry, we partnered with UPS to ship presorted mail into 1,000’s of local post offices. Our team tracked each mailing and we personally spoke with supervisors at each post office to ensure the exact target date was achieved. We provided comprehensive reporting to Ansira and made life easier for their Print Production team.


Leveraging our extensive manufacturing experience, we were able to offer this advanced service at a highly competitive rate. Over the past 10 years, we have partnered with Ansira on many accounts to give them cost-effective and intelligent direct mail fulfillment so they can continue to focus on their world class engagement strategies.

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