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Postcard Marketing

Postcard Marketing Solutions That Give Flight To Your Brand

Postcard Marketing is popular because it is affordable, easy, and fast, but mostly because it WORKS.

What is the best format for my promotion? What postcard paper stock should I use? How do I craft a headline that inspires action? How do I reach the right people?

With over 20 years of experience helping everyone from national brands to single unit operators, Deliver Media knows Direct Mail and Postcard Marketing, and we are here to help you every step of the way. We understand the sheer volume of logistical details that must be coordinated throughout the entire postcard marketing process. We’ll make it easier for you by handling the complete process in-house—from strategic planning and target identification, to printing and direct mail marketing execution. With Deliver Media your postcard marketing campaign happens on time, every time, with real and measured results.

Your personal Business Marketing Specialist will work one-on-one with you, creating a true marketing partnership. They will stand by you from strategy to execution to ensure your campaign runs seamlessly. They will also monitor and analyze your campaign results to identify ways to continuously exceed previous direct mailing results.

Personalized Postcards

One-to-one marketing using black or 4-color variable data printing to create personalized mailings for varied consumer categories.

Mailing Lists

We offer a variety of unique ways to target consumers by leveraging your current POS system, database, or through the creation of a custom-targeted list using our unique mailing strategies.

On Time Delivery Dates

We have the unique ability to mail using DDU Entry, which means you will never have to miss an in-home date again.

Results Analysis

We provide full campaign monitoring and analysis, allowing us to adjust as needed for future improvements.

New Customer Marketing

This process analyzes your best customers’ profiles to discover prospects with similar traits and targeting those with the highest buying potential.

Customer Marketing

Our unique campaign tools, help us to leverage your database and create campaigns based on customer behavior categories.

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