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Pay-per-click advertising can benefit any business out there. Whether you are currently running paid ads or are thinking about incorporating them into your marketing plan, Deliver Media’s Internet Marketing Specialists will help you secure higher page ranks on major search engines with PPC management. Our specialists actively manage PPC campaigns on all major search engines which include Google and BING, as well as top social media websites like Facebook and YouTube. We are a certified Google Partner, which means that our employees are specially trained in Google AdWords in order to maximize the results of your pay-per-click campaigns. We conduct keyword research to determine what keywords related to your business and industry are most searched on the Internet and tailor your ads to these specific terms on either a local or national scale.

Pay-per-click gives you the ability to target your ads to those consumers who would most likely result in a sale, and you are only charged when the ad is actually clicked. This way, the visits to your website are worth more than what you pay for them. The beauty of PPC management is being able to actively control your costs and set your own budget.  Deliver Media will also provide you with monthly reporting highlighting how your PPC campaigns are performing,the number of consumers that have clicked through to your website, and the number of impressions/exposures your ad has gained.


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