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Arizona GNC Franchise Owner
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Mailing Strategy



An Arizona GNC franchise owner was in search of a way to promote his retail store’s Grand Reopening. He wanted to get the word out about the location of his GNC and drive in new customers from the area.


Deliver Media’s Local Marketing Experts worked with him on developing the initial strategy. They determined that by implementing an acquisition strategy he would be able to drive in new customers rather than reach out to just his current customers. This strategy drilled into individual carrier routes around the radius of his store and identified those pockets of potential customers who were most relevant to his business. Consumers who had shown interest in healthy lifestyle living, fitness and took specific nutritional supplements were targeted. A high-impact postcard was created that included an aggressive set of coupon offers to help drive them in.


Implementing a highly-targeted acquisition strategy allowed him to save marketing dollars by pinpointing only those consumers who fit his ideal customer profile, ultimately gaining the greatest ROI possible. Within just the first hour of opening his doors he saw a dramatic increase in business. His store did $400.00 alone in that hour, all of which were first time customers to the store.

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We’ve been open one hour and this what the marketing has one. $400.00 in the first hour. All newbies. SWEET!!

Pat Flynn

Owner, Domino’s Franchise

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