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landing-dominos-imgSUCCESS STORY:
Domino’s Pizza

Deliver Media Delivered A Targeted Direct
Mail Campaign Which Boosted Domino’s
Pizza Local Store Sales By 22%.


A Domino’s Pizza franchise owner was looking for a way to boost sales for his two Ohio store locations in the month of October. Deliver Media had been executing a “New, Late, Lapsed” campaign strategy for his stores for the past year. While this campaign had been working well he was looking for a secondary campaign strategy to increase the frequency of his local customers.


The franchise owner worked closely with Deliver Media’s Local Marketing Experts to create a campaign that could be used for both store locations. A frequency strategy was recommended to deliver the greatest response based on past results. Using Deliver Media’s unique tools to leverage his database 2,000 customers were targeted for the frequency mailing. A 6-page menu for his stores was designed that included high-quality graphics and customized coupon offers. The menu included offers that would be most appealing to these targeted customers.


Within the first 7 days of his mailing he had a 22% response rate at both of his store locations. A significant increase in his average ticket price was also shown; in the first week his orders averaged $29.64. His order count continued to increase and he was able to hit record sales just a couple weeks following his 6-page menus being in-home.

6-Page Menus Using A Frequency Strategy:
October 2012 • 7 Day Results


6-page menu mailings using the frequency strategy


Number of Pieces


7-day average response rate


7-day average ticket


7-day revenue


Sales return

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The results I’ve gotten from using Deliver Media to handle my marketing campaign have far exceeded my expectations. This campaign was able to strategically target my competitor’s customers and presented a cost-effective and simple way to advertise. Plus, the value of having a local marketing expert by my side, every step of the way, is unbeatable.

Domino’s Franchise Owner

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