Image of mobile phone on a table that can be used for pay-per-call advertising.While pay-per-call can be effectively done offline through TV and print media, many campaigns are initiated online to better target potential customers and increase ROI. Search engine optimization in the form of quality links and carefully selected keywords are an essential part of an effective online pay-per-call campaign for both publishers and businesses.

Reaching Out to Receptive Callers with Pay-Per-Call

As with pay-per-click, pay-per-call requires careful placement. Publishers promoting a business through a pay-per-call affiliate network are likely to see more productive results with online ads already targeted at potential callers. It’s a goal often achieved with SEO by focusing on certain geographic areas and testing preferred keywords.

Researching Long-tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords, those consisting of four words or more that people are likely to search on, tend to be more effective at reaching callers ready to take action, which is usually the purpose of making a call to a business. Such keywords also weed out curious browsers in the early stage of the buying cycle.

Monitoring to Improve Visibility

Pay-per-call campaigns are only successful if you maintain visibility. Google has an assortment of handy tools that can track multiple campaigns right down to geographic location. You can also see which keywords and links are performing the best so you can make necessary adjustments to published content or even how it’s presented. For instance, emails with your number may generate more calls than banner ads.

Choosing Lead-Generating Publishers

Pay-per-call is all about clicks and calls, so you want to work with a publisher that has a strong track record of generating leads. When choosing a publisher, take a look at their prior results and ask what SEO techniques they already use to attract productive leads and what platforms they tend to prefer.

Clear, Concise Content

Content associated with your various pay-per-call campaigns has to be concise to capture the attention of potential callers led there through your SEO efforts. Include a clear call-to-action that tells the caller why they’re calling, as in “call our Tampa office today at [your number] to schedule an appointment.”

An effective pay-per-call campaign is one that generates productive leads through a solid pay per call affiliate network. According to one estimate, approximately 70 percent of mobile searchers call a business based on info they get from an online search. Attracting customers likely to call your business is where SEO comes into play.

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