According to the United States Postal Service, postcards are the marketing materials that are most likely to be read from the mailbox. With the high amount of mail people receive every day, it is important to create pieces that will catch the eyes of customers. Postcard marketing is an efficient way to reach past, current, and future customers, but only if they are noticing your mail. Use these tips to ensure your mail isn’t blending in with the rest in the mailbox.

Post Card MarketingUse a Catchy Headline

The first thing a person is going to notice on a postcard is the main message presented. In most cases this will be the front headline. Making the headline short and sweet will be more appealing to someone who is briefly checking their mail on the go. The most important part of your postcard marketing headline is to have a clear call-to-action. You need to clearly state what you want the customer to do, or else they won’t do it.

Utilize Both Sides of the Card

Since you are already paying to send the card, you might as well use both sides of it. Postcards are small and have limited space available, so having the extra room on the back side will come in great convenience. Your message will be displayed more organized and readable if it is not crammed onto one side. If a person cannot clearly read your message, your postcard marketing will be a waste.

Add Images, Not Just Words

Although words are an effective way to portray a message, using graphic images to break up the words will make your postcard easier on the eyes. If you are sending out a postcard about a specific product, viewers are going to want to see exactly what the product looks like, not just a written description. Visuals will help the viewer understand what exactly you are trying to get across.

Target the Right Customers

Now that your design looks perfect, the last step to ensure you are getting the most traffic out of your postcard marketing is to target the right customers. According to Tax Marketing HQ, 23.4% of consumers will respond to postcards that are relevant to them. Whether you are trying to connect with past, current, or future customers, having the right targeted list will make a big difference in your returns.

Do you need help creating a postcard that will stand out in your customers mailboxes? Contact one of our graphic design specialists today to make your next postcard marketing campaign a huge hit!

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