In our world that is so digital, it is important to remember the physical! Direct Mail Marketing is the most effective means of marketing. Receiving a physical piece of material resonates with the target audience more efficiently.

Not convinced? According to Epsilon’s 2012 Channel Preference Study:

  • 73% of consumers said they prefer direct mail for brand communication because they can read the information whenever they want.
  • 59% of respondents agreed with the statement “I enjoy getting postal mail from brands about new products.”

With direct mail being relatively inexpensive, is your company optimizing your ROI potential?


Have you ever received a piece of mail that read, “Dear Residents of ____” and immediately thrown it away? If the company didn’t take the time to personalize the mail, why give them your time? Personalization is a key element in direct mail marketing. Something that may seem so trivial will make a  big difference when the viewer decides to open the piece of mail.


Targeting the right audience is also an important aspect of direct mail marketing. If the wrong type of customers are being targeting, than valuable time and resources are being wasted. There are several types of targeting strategies that could be implemented.

  • Target all or a segment of those customers with an aggressive offer to drive them to your location.
  • Target those customers with a highly attractive offer to bring them back into your store. Attractive customers concentrated within individual postal carrier routes.
  • Target customers who buy frequently from you or those who have made a recent purchase.
  • Target those customers with an offer that encourages them to repeat their behavior.
  • Target customers within each distinct behavioral category.
  • Target each individual customer category with a separate customized message most likely to motivate action from that customer type.

Need help with direct mail marketing? Deliver Media’s Marketing Specialists are here to help secure target customers and ensure higher ROI with our direct mail strategy. Contact us today!

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