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Harnessing the power of data to deliver intelligent and impactful omni-channel marketing solutions for franchises and multi-location organizations.

Why Us

Deliver Media was born from entrepreneurial spirit. We understand the challenges of competing in many local markets. Nuances in consumer demographics and competitive landscape create the need for varied targeting, timing, and messaging while maintaining the integrity of the brand. Deliver Media partners with both the brand and franchisees to leverage the strength and resources of the franchise while winning at the local level. Deliver Media is your best bet to digest and harness customer intelligence, drive traffic to your locations and maximize your marketing ROI.


Data Analysis and Targeting

Deliver Media’s extensive transactional data expertise is the foundation for marketing success. By understanding what products and services customers purchase, when and how frequently they return, and what compels each purchase, we empower intelligent ROI driven marketing investment. Our reporting illustrates movement and trends that can be leveraged into perfectly timed marketing events. Our proprietary national consumer database allows us to append more than 700 demographic and psychographic variables that can be used for even deeper segmentation and modelling.

Predictive Modelling

Analysis of customer transactional data paints a clear picture of “what” customers are doing. By appending over 700 demographic and psychographic variables to those individual customers, we learn a lot about “why” they are behaving that way. Our predictive models intake and digest that data to predict future behavior. Whether we are creating a lift model to identify the perfect audience to increase purchase frequency, or developing a prospecting model to identify look-alike prospects who would be ideal targets, clients can be confident that their marketing is more intelligent and results will maximize return on marketing investment.

Omni-Channel Audience Targeting

Deliver Media is channel agnostic, meaning we don’t push any one service. We let the data do the talking. The right services for a given client and campaign are driven by: who clients are communicating with; what messages need to be delivered; and which channels deliver the greatest ROI! Deliver Media’s expertise in both online and offline marketing, coupled with our custom-built proprietary software, enable us to be efficient and effective with each component, which produces a stronger overall campaign.


Search Engine Optimization

Our team takes a hands-on approach to helping you win the battle for organic traffic in each local market. Leveraging custom-built content distribution software, we are more efficient than most and currently manage thousands of individual campaigns for franchisees while offering them cost-effective solutions.

Search Engine Marketing (Paid Search)

It’s easy to throw money away on SEM campaigns. Too often, businesses launch broad campaigns with keywords they think will generate business. Unfortunately, the usual result is low ROI and little gained intelligence. Our team breaks campaigns down into micro-campaigns in each local market. As with everything we do, we let the data do the talking. Our team and technology studies search volume and efficacy, evaluating cost of each campaign vs traffic generated. We set a clear path for conversions then track and measure everything, delivering transparent reporting that shows exactly how your marketing investment is performing.

Multi-Location Social Media Content Distribution

Franchises and multi-unit businesses have the unique challenge of managing many local Facebook pages . Franchisees are busy with day-to-day operations causing some to be much less active on social media than others. Our proprietary ifSocial software enables clients to distribute localized, tailored content for each market. By remaining active and consistent with corporate crafted content, clients ensure maintenance of brand integrity while enabling franchisees and local operators the freedom to post or run ads to maximum effect. The Deliver Media team can manage this entire process for clients or you can handle it easily yourself in minutes on the ifSocial client interface.

Detailed Reporting

Market Analysis Reports
With competition increasing it is more important than ever to be intelligent with marketing investment. “Captivate the Customer” will quickly digest and standardize your data, producing Market Analysis Reports that are informative and actionable. Geographic segmentation, market sector identification, loyalty, attrition, and acquisition statistics are updated every time we receive your transactional data. Reports are automatically emailed to clients so you are immediately aware of areas of need. Your Client Relationship Manager and team at Deliver Media will also leverage these same reports to shift targeting and messaging for each campaign.

Campaign ROI and Response Reports
You can’t manage what you don’t measure. By tracking results of each campaign, and measuring them against a control group, we quantify incremental response and calculate ROI. Our team analyzes every single report and uses this information to be smarter for the next campaign.

Our Work

Domino's Pizza

We deliver the solutions so Domino’s Pizza can deliver more deliciousness.

Home Instead Senior Care

Deliver Media continues to bring new clients to Home Instead Senior Care so they can continue doing good in the world.


Providing cost-effective and intelligent direct mail fulfillment so they can continue to focus on their world class engagement strategies.

Bay Area Pool Service

Thousands more pool owners are enjoying the freedom that they deserve this year.


Collaboration Partners

We are constantly evaluating, recommending and adopting marketing technologies to help our clients enable the execution of branded experiences. These are just a few partners that we’ve evaluated, admired, and successfully co-created digital products with on behalf of our clients. And when SaaS or PaaS won’t do, there’s custom development too.


About Us

Deliver Media was born with an entrepreneurial spirit, and that spirit fuels everything we do — from the staff we hire to our passion for helping customers like you. We understand your aspirations, as well as the challenges you’re likely to encounter on the way to reaching them.

Our team is here to help you in navigating your way to success. Upon working with Deliver Media, we will assign you to your own personal Business Marketing Specialist. Our Marketing Specialists will consult with you on the best way to achieve your objectives using our proven suite of custom marketing solutions, designed to boost store traffic and drive revenue.

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Named as a Best Place to Work by the Tampa Bay Business Journal, we have a strong passion for working with our clients, their brands and each other. We’re looking for dedicated Theorists who believe in teamwork and never settle for anything less than the best.

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